55 inch Floor-Standing Advertising Kiosk(Android,With Camera and LED module)

Item No.:  DAS-9055-L
LCD Size: 55 Inch LCD Display
Installation: Floor-Standing

android-4-2  wifi


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    This is a based-Android OS of network Advertising Kiosk, The Mainboard is equipped with a ARM Cortex-A17 Micro.Architecture of Allwinner High-Performance dual core microprocessor , Built-in GPU Mali400mp2 architecture video decoder,Naturally and Fastly to running Series types of App, with the original imported Brands LED HD whold views panel Display ,Vividly show brilliant vision! Incluing one of 32*128 LED Dot Matrix display module and one of 800w Pixels HD video camera!
     The design of this appearance is Novel and beautiful! 4mm physical steel Antiriot high transparent glass panel,Aluminum corner profile for frame,Silver sand blasting technology,Black Surface Texture of back cover,With Anti-Theft design,Can fill needs of different applications!

Main Feature:

  1. Appearance fashion, elegant and generous!
  2. High-performance dual-core processor equipped with Android smartphone operating system!
  3. Independent development of supporting software,Control-side Information Release System Software interface is simple, user-friendly, easy to use, But the function is very powerful!