43 inch Outdoor Floor-Standing Nano Touch Display Digital Signage Kiosk(X86 i3)

Item No.:  DAO-4318W-N
LCD Size: 43 Inch Nano Touch LCD Display
Installation: Moving Vehicle Type

windows-7 i3-2 nano-touchled-light




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    This is a based-X86 instruction architecture Windows operating platform of Outdoor Touch Display digital signage kiosk, With lightning protection, over-current, leakage protection measures,Brand Power Supply Module,All-weather outdoor original LCD panel highlight LED backlight technology, Backlight brightness automatically adjusts for ambient brightness,Visible under the sunshine,Nano capacitive touch,The whole machine adopts intelligent cycle air cooling design(Normal) or intelligent air conditioning design!
    The design of this appearance is Novel and beautiful! 6mm physical steel Antiriot high transparent glass panel,Design of corner frame for alloy profiles,Metal baking process,With IP65 dustproof waterproof level, outdoor corrosion for more than 7 years~

Main Feature:

  1. IP65 dustproof waterproof level Design, outdoor corrosion for more than 7 years~
  2. Highlight LED LCD Screen,With anti-reflective design,can clearly visible under the Sunshine!
  3. Intelligent cycle air cooling design or intelligent air conditioning design, Internal electric module constant temperature work,screen shows no black, longer life.
  4. Intelligent environment monitoring system,Can be monitored at any time inside the machine operating conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.)